Vol. 35. Issue 3. December 2022

Bond strength of two universal adhesive systems to human dentin using different strategies
Daniel JB Dutra, Natalia TT Branco, Hugo H Alvim, Cláudia S Magalhães, Ricardo R Oliveira, Allyson N Moreira

C-shaped Canal System in Maxillary Molars Evaluated by Cone-Beam Computed Tomography in an Argentine subpopulation
Romina Chaintiou Piorno, Eugenia P Consoli Lizzi, Ariel F Gualtieri, Pablo A Rodríguez

Salivary Streptococcus mutans colony-forming unit count in patients with and without orthodontic appliances
Luisa F Muñoz, Angie M Uribe, María C Reyes, Luis A Castro, Martha J Rodríguez

Periodontitis prevalence and associated factors: a comparison of two examination protocols
Susana M Lorenzo-Erro, Ernesto Andrade, Fernando Massa, Valentina Colistro, Natalia Asquino, Paula Moliterno

Universal adhesives applied to deep dentin with different bonding treatments
Germán Mirotti, Mónica P Lutri, María E Kraemer, Natalia Monserrat, María C Piconi, Alicia L Caballero, Carlos A Rozas, Luis M Croharé, Mario Sezin

Antibiotic indication in endodontics by Colombian dentists with different levels of training: a survey
Natasha M Dias, Jaime O Moreno, Flávio RF Alves, Lucio S Gonçalves, José C Provenzano

Bonding strategy of a universal adhesive system containing chitosan: influence on dentin permeability, and effect on adhesive layer micromorphology
Henrique EG Bettiol, Waldemir F Vieira-Junior, Fabiana MG França, Flávia LB Amaral, Roberta T Basting

Learning strategies of dental students in Buenos Aires, Argentina prior to and during the COVID-19 pandemic
Noemí Bordoni, Pablo A Salgado, Ángela Argentieri, Aldo F Squassi

Dental students’ satisfaction with their course and how it is associated to their satisfaction with life and career outlook
Alice MC Santos, Matheus F Perazzo, Flavio F Mattos, Isabela A Pordeus, Ana F Granville-Garcia, Saul M Paiva

Effect of different toothpastes on permeability and roughness of eroded dentin
Fernanda SS Ramos, Alberto CB Delbem, Paulo H dos Santos, Mariana D Moda, André LF Briso, Ticiane C Fagundes