Vol. 36. Issue 2. September 2023

Precision of polyether ether ketone (PEEK) or cobalt-chrome implant bar fit to implants after mechanical cycling
Eduardo V Silva Júnior, Roberta T Basting, Cecilia P Turssi, Fabiana MG França

gDNA extraction from Candida albicans and Candida dubliniensis in subgingival samples in Argentina. Evaluation of different methods
Verónica A Dubois, Pablo A Salgado, Laura A Gliosca, Susana L

Effect of chemical or mechanical finishing/polishing and immersion in staining solutions on the roughness, microhardness, and color stability of CAD-CAM monolithic ceramics
Mauro GA Brito, Flávia LB Amaral, Cecília P Turssi, Roberta TB Hofling, Fabiana MG França

Effect of fried sunflower oil intake on mandibular biomechanical competence of growing rats
Elisa V Macri, Clarisa Bozzini, Andrea G Ferreira-Monteiro, Patricia N Rodriguez, Fima Lifshitz, Verónica J Miksztowicz, Silvia M Friedman

The luminous transmittance of the quartz-glass fiber posts is superior to glass fiber posts
Ana CP Pasmadjian, Alysson N Diógenes, Camila P Perin, Juliana Pierdoná, Liliana VML Rezende, Isabela R Madalena, Flares Baratto-Filho,
Leonardo F da Cunha

Degree of Conversion and Mechanical Properties of a Commercial Composite with an Advanced Polymerization System
Celiane MC Tapety, Yvina KP Carneiro , Yarina M Chagas, Lidiane C Souza, Nayara de O Souza, Lidia AR Valadas

In vitro cytotoxicity of resin cement and its influence on the expression of antioxidant genes
Priscila FA Moralez, Kamila R Kantovitz, Elizabeth F Martinez, Lucas N Teixeira, Ana PD Demasi