Vol. 36. Issue 1. April 2023

Update on the treatment of chemotherapy and radiotherapyinduced buccal mucositis: a systematic review
Schilin Wen, Leonardo Brito , Javiera Santander, Gonzalo Conteras

Ozone gas therapy for tooth bleaching preserves enamel microhardness, roughness and surface micromorphology
Rafael R Carvalho, Natália R Carlos, Francisco UF de Campos, Cecilia P Turssi, Waldemir F Vieira Júnior, Flávia LB do Amaral, Roberta T Basting

Clinical and microbiological assessment in a subpopulation of young Argentine patients with severe periodontitis
Constanza Pontarolo, Florencia L Bozza, Federico G Galli, Hernán Bontá, Susana L Molgatini, Facundo Caride, Laura A Gliosca

The potential of salivary albumin to degrade composite resin
Leonardo S Barros, Giovanna C Denucci, Flávia LB Amaral, Fabiana MG França, Roberta T Basting, Cecilia P Turssi

Effect of photopolymerization time on the microhardness of resin cement beneath feldspathic ceramic
María A Lei, Ricardo L Macchi, Mariana Picca

Postoperative pain after third molar extraction surgery in patients with and without bruxism: an observational study
Olavo A Brilhante-Neto, Caio M Mesquita, Marcelo DMA Costa, Luiz R Paranhos, Danilo L Ciotti, Rogério HL Motta, Juliana C Ramacciato

Periodontal regeneration by minimally invasive procedures and its influence on pulp status
Stefanía H Caceres, Hernán Bonta, Federico G Galli, Liliana G Sierra, Pablo A Rodriguez, Facundo Caride

Influence of pigment solutions on color stability and surface properties in low-shrinkage and conventional composites
Luciana L Meneghel, Ana PP Fugolin, Sandrine B Berger, Américo B Correr, Delise Pellizzaro, Karen BP Fernandes, Guilherme Genovez-Júnior, Allan IF Piauilino, Ricardo D Guiraldo