Vol. 36. Issue 3. December 2023

Cone-Beam Computed Tomography to evaluate changes in trabecular lower jawbone microstructure caused by bone loss and antiresorptive treatment
María E Avendaño, Marina S Bonanno, Estefanía M Zeni Coronel, Clarisa Marotte, Susana N Zeni, Mario R Davison

Phytotherapy: knowledge, experience and prescription in oral healthcare. A cross-sectional survey of dental practitioners
Rosemary SA Shinkai, Tomie T de Campos, Lucas S Mendes, Lena Katekawa, Edgard Michel-Crosato, Maria GH Biazevic

Efficacy of Roncolab mobile application for diagnosing the primary sign of sleep-disordered breathing (snoring) in children
Gerardo Aragón-Villalba, Gabriel Muñoz-Quintana, Gisela N Rubin de Celis, Jose M Torres-Hortelano, Irene A Espinosa de Santillana

Langerhans cell histiocytosis oral lesions in pediatric patients
Verónica H Pavan, Virginia Fernández de Preliasco, Melisa Ienco, Carolina Benchuya

Morphological assessment of the isthmus in mesial root canals of first mandibular molars
Thiago S Guimarães, Marilia FV Marceliano-Alves, José C Provenzano, Patricia P Olivares, Ana GS Limoeiro, Flavio RF Alves, Luciana A Dias

Fluoride in drinking groundwater and prevalence of fluorosis in children and adolescents: A systematic review
Francineudo Oliveira Chagas, Lidia A Rocha Valadas, Ana Sorazabal, Adeyinka Dayo, Thereza CF Botelho Dantas, Aldo Squassi

Unprepared areas and centralization of oval canals prepared with WaveOne Gold or XP-endo Shaper: microcomputed tomographic analyses
Marília FV Marceliano-Alves, Vivian Ronquete, Thais MC Coutinho, Tchilalo Boukpessi, Amanda LF Salvioni, Paula ASR Goulart, Ana GS Limoeiro, Flavio RF Alves, Pablo A Amoroso-Silva

Core curriculum in cariology for dentistry degrees in the Republic of Argentina
Fabiana PM Carletto-Körber, Ana Sorazabal, Silvia Medici, Sofía Ali, Alejandra Barrionuevo, Juana Cardozo, Analía Cucchi, Luciana D’Eramo, Jorge Escandriolo, Pablo Fontanetti, Shirley García, Adriana Lombardo, Alejandra Mardenlli, Carla Masoli, Patricia Mulbany, Lía Pereira, Silvia Pérez, Mariana Preliasco, Glenda Rossi, Aldo Squassi, Jorgelina Ulloque, Patricia Vaculik, Verónica Ventrera, Noemí Bordoni, Rodrigo A Giacaman

Vol. 36. Issue 2. September 2023

Precision of polyether ether ketone (PEEK) or cobalt-chrome implant bar fit to implants after mechanical cycling
Eduardo V Silva Júnior, Roberta T Basting, Cecilia P Turssi, Fabiana MG França

gDNA extraction from Candida albicans and Candida dubliniensis in subgingival samples in Argentina. Evaluation of different methods
Verónica A Dubois, Pablo A Salgado, Laura A Gliosca, Susana L

Effect of chemical or mechanical finishing/polishing and immersion in staining solutions on the roughness, microhardness, and color stability of CAD-CAM monolithic ceramics
Mauro GA Brito, Flávia LB Amaral, Cecília P Turssi, Roberta TB Hofling, Fabiana MG França

Effect of fried sunflower oil intake on mandibular biomechanical competence of growing rats
Elisa V Macri, Clarisa Bozzini, Andrea G Ferreira-Monteiro, Patricia N Rodriguez, Fima Lifshitz, Verónica J Miksztowicz, Silvia M Friedman

The luminous transmittance of the quartz-glass fiber posts is superior to glass fiber posts
Ana CP Pasmadjian, Alysson N Diógenes, Camila P Perin, Juliana Pierdoná, Liliana VML Rezende, Isabela R Madalena, Flares Baratto-Filho,
Leonardo F da Cunha

Degree of Conversion and Mechanical Properties of a Commercial Composite with an Advanced Polymerization System
Celiane MC Tapety, Yvina KP Carneiro , Yarina M Chagas, Lidiane C Souza, Nayara de O Souza, Lidia AR Valadas

In vitro cytotoxicity of resin cement and its influence on the expression of antioxidant genes
Priscila FA Moralez, Kamila R Kantovitz, Elizabeth F Martinez, Lucas N Teixeira, Ana PD Demasi

Vol. 36. Issue 1. April 2023

Update on the treatment of chemotherapy and radiotherapyinduced buccal mucositis: a systematic review
Schilin Wen, Leonardo Brito , Javiera Santander, Gonzalo Conteras

Ozone gas therapy for tooth bleaching preserves enamel microhardness, roughness and surface micromorphology
Rafael R Carvalho, Natália R Carlos, Francisco UF de Campos, Cecilia P Turssi, Waldemir F Vieira Júnior, Flávia LB do Amaral, Roberta T Basting

Clinical and microbiological assessment in a subpopulation of young Argentine patients with severe periodontitis
Constanza Pontarolo, Florencia L Bozza, Federico G Galli, Hernán Bontá, Susana L Molgatini, Facundo Caride, Laura A Gliosca

The potential of salivary albumin to degrade composite resin
Leonardo S Barros, Giovanna C Denucci, Flávia LB Amaral, Fabiana MG França, Roberta T Basting, Cecilia P Turssi

Effect of photopolymerization time on the microhardness of resin cement beneath feldspathic ceramic
María A Lei, Ricardo L Macchi, Mariana Picca

Postoperative pain after third molar extraction surgery in patients with and without bruxism: an observational study
Olavo A Brilhante-Neto, Caio M Mesquita, Marcelo DMA Costa, Luiz R Paranhos, Danilo L Ciotti, Rogério HL Motta, Juliana C Ramacciato

Periodontal regeneration by minimally invasive procedures and its influence on pulp status
Stefanía H Caceres, Hernán Bonta, Federico G Galli, Liliana G Sierra, Pablo A Rodriguez, Facundo Caride

Influence of pigment solutions on color stability and surface properties in low-shrinkage and conventional composites
Luciana L Meneghel, Ana PP Fugolin, Sandrine B Berger, Américo B Correr, Delise Pellizzaro, Karen BP Fernandes, Guilherme Genovez-Júnior, Allan IF Piauilino, Ricardo D Guiraldo

Vol. 35. Issue 3. December 2022

Bond strength of two universal adhesive systems to human dentin using different strategies
Daniel JB Dutra, Natalia TT Branco, Hugo H Alvim, Cláudia S Magalhães, Ricardo R Oliveira, Allyson N Moreira

C-shaped Canal System in Maxillary Molars Evaluated by Cone-Beam Computed Tomography in an Argentine subpopulation
Romina Chaintiou Piorno, Eugenia P Consoli Lizzi, Ariel F Gualtieri, Pablo A Rodríguez

Salivary Streptococcus mutans colony-forming unit count in patients with and without orthodontic appliances
Luisa F Muñoz, Angie M Uribe, María C Reyes, Luis A Castro, Martha J Rodríguez

Periodontitis prevalence and associated factors: a comparison of two examination protocols
Susana M Lorenzo-Erro, Ernesto Andrade, Fernando Massa, Valentina Colistro, Natalia Asquino, Paula Moliterno

Universal adhesives applied to deep dentin with different bonding treatments
Germán Mirotti, Mónica P Lutri, María E Kraemer, Natalia Monserrat, María C Piconi, Alicia L Caballero, Carlos A Rozas, Luis M Croharé, Mario Sezin

Antibiotic indication in endodontics by Colombian dentists with different levels of training: a survey
Natasha M Dias, Jaime O Moreno, Flávio RF Alves, Lucio S Gonçalves, José C Provenzano

Bonding strategy of a universal adhesive system containing chitosan: influence on dentin permeability, and effect on adhesive layer micromorphology
Henrique EG Bettiol, Waldemir F Vieira-Junior, Fabiana MG França, Flávia LB Amaral, Roberta T Basting

Learning strategies of dental students in Buenos Aires, Argentina prior to and during the COVID-19 pandemic
Noemí Bordoni, Pablo A Salgado, Ángela Argentieri, Aldo F Squassi

Dental students’ satisfaction with their course and how it is associated to their satisfaction with life and career outlook
Alice MC Santos, Matheus F Perazzo, Flavio F Mattos, Isabela A Pordeus, Ana F Granville-Garcia, Saul M Paiva

Effect of different toothpastes on permeability and roughness of eroded dentin
Fernanda SS Ramos, Alberto CB Delbem, Paulo H dos Santos, Mariana D Moda, André LF Briso, Ticiane C Fagundes

Vol. 35. Issue 2. September 2022

Follow-up of first permanent molar restorative treatment with and without Molar Hypomineralization
Ana M Biondi, Silvina G Cortese, Lucía Babino, Andrea M Ortolani

Immune challenges upregulate the expression of cannabinoid receptors in cultured human odontoblasts and gingival fibroblasts
Laura M Navarro-Saiz, Lilia J Bernal-Cepeda, Jaime E Castellanos

Influence of Melatonin associated with the Bio-Gide® membrane on osteoblast activity: an in vitro Study
Eliene A Oliveira, Karen L Dalla-Costa, Fabiana MG França, Kamila R Kantovitz, Daiane C Peruzzo

Tooth color in dental students from Buenos Aires University, Dental School, Argentina
María M Trigo-Humaran, Alan B Agüero-Romero, Marcela Lespade, Juan M García-Cuerva, María E Iglesias

Root canal morphology of 1316 premolars from Brazilian individuals: an in vivo analysis using cone-beam computed tomography
Marília C Lemos, Thaïs MC Coutinho, Alejandro R Perez, Thamires C Medeiros, Marília FV Marceliano-Alves, Flávio RF Alves

Bulk-fill restorative composites under simulated carious and erosiveconditions
Alfredo W Zenkner-Neto, Waldemir F Vieira-Junior, Flávia LB Amaral, Fabiana MG França, Roberta T Basting, Cecilia P Turssi

Fluoride and silver ion concentrations and pH in silver diamine fluoride solutions from Argentina
Glenda Rossi, Lidia AR Valadas, Aldo Squassi

Longitudinal assessment of the impact of orthodontic treatment on adolescents’ quality of life: a comparison between boys and girls using a condition specific questionnaire
Larissa Corradi-Dias, Saul M Paiva, Alexandre F Drummond, José Alcides A de Arruda, Leonardo FS de Menezes, Lucas G Abreu

Students’ perspective of the teaching-learning process of oral radiology before and during the COVID-19 pandemic
Alessandra R da Costa-Neri, Anne C Costa-Oenning, Thais C de Abreu-Alves, Francine K Panzarella, José LC Junqueira, Ademir Franco

Adaptations in dental public health services during the COVID-19 pandemic in unicipalities of Southern Brazil: a grounded theory and collaborative research
Mateus C Pereira, Heloisa Godoi, Christine B Da Costa, Priscila Nunes, Darclé Cardoso, Ana LS Ferreira De Mello

Vol. 35. Issue 1. April 2022

Comparison of osseointegration in areas grafted with deproteinized bovine bone and native bone. A preclinical study
Victor F Quiroz, Júlia R Lima, Felipe E Pinotti, Rosemary AC Marcantonio, Elcio Marcantonio Jr, Guilherme JPL Oliveira

Determination of microhardness of bulk-fill resins at different depths
Analía B Garrofé, Mariana Picca, Andrea E. Kaplan

Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the timing of dental care in elderly peruvians
María C. Garcés-Elías, Roberto A. León-Manco, César Del Castillo-López, Andrés A. Agudelo-Suárez, Jorge A. Beltrán

Use of the Demirjian method to estimate dental age in panoramic radiographs of patients treated at the Buenos Aires University School of Dentistry
Alan D. Briem Stamm, Maria T. Cariego, Diego J. Vazquez, Martin H. Pujol, Jonathan Saiegh, Maria V. Bielli, Pedro Hetch, Maria J. Carosi, Maria L. Cabirta

Efficacy of two low-level laser therapy protocols following lower third molar surgery – a randomized, double-blind, controlled clinical trial
Geovane M. Ferreira, Lucianna F. Prado, Kleber V. R. Santos, Lívia G. Rodrigues, José Valladares-Neto, Érica M. Torres, Maria A.G. Silva

Ability of two reciprocating Nickel-Titanium instruments for guttapercha/sealer removal in simulated curved root canals
Ana C. Boetto, Georgette Arce-Brisson, Osvaldo Zmener, Cornelis Pameijer, Roberto Della-Porta, Mariana Picca

Cyberchondria and Associated Factors Among Brazilian and Portuguese Dentists
Junia Maria Serra-Negra, Saul M. Paiva, Ana Sofia Baptista, Alex Junio S. Cruz, Teresa Pinho, Mauro Henrique Abreu

Saliva sampling methods. Cariogenic streptococci count using two different methods of saliva collection in children
Celina F. Cornejo, Pablo A. Salgado, Susana L. Molgatini, Laura A. Gliosca, Aldo F. Squassi

Do non-clinical subjective factors influence the treatment decisionmaking of Brazilian dentists?
Renato F. C. Vianna, Maíra Prado, Marina C. Prado, Leonardo Athias, Gisele D. S. Pereira

Accelerated artificial aging and color stability in resin-based cements
Maria A Lei, Mariana Rivelli, Alejandro M Iglesias, José G Marquez, Natalia Gonzalez, Mariana Picca

Vol. 34. Issue 3. December 2021

Phagocytic activity of monocytes and neutrophils in patients with periodontitis, whether or not associated to type 2 diabetes
Priscilla F. Naiff, Selma A.S. Kuckelhaus, Shirley Couto, Mariângela Oliveira, Luander M. Santiago, Andrea C.G. Cascaes, Larissa F. Silva, Laudimar A. Oliveira, Daniela C. Grisi,
Valéria M. Carneiro, Maria do Carmo M. Guimarães

Retention of cemented zirconia copings on TiBase abutments
Oswaldo S. Santos-Neto, Letícia M. Gonçalves, Etevaldo M. Maia-Filho, Adriana S. Malheiros, Leily M. Firoozmand, Paulo C. M. Villis, Andres F. M. Cardenas, Rudys R. J.

Mechanical and bonding properties of different combinations of nanohybrid and bulk-fill composites
Beatriz A. Ferrari, María M. Asueta, Laura G. Fusaro, Andrea E. Kaplan

Influence of resin cement and thermocycling on milled lithium disilicate ceramic microshear bond strength
Eloisa A.C. Paloco, Sandrine B. Berger, Murilo B. Lopes, Jaqueline C. Favaro, Alcides Gonini-Júnior, Allan I. F. Piauilino, Alexandre M. Borba, Ricardo D. Guiraldo

Self-reported periodontitis in cannabis club members in Montevideo, Uruguay. An exploratory study
Sebastián Perez-Rivoir, Magdalena Mayol, Ernesto Andrade, Luis A. Bueno-Rossy, Cassiano K. Rösing

Comparison of cone-beam computed tomography, clinical and surgical analysis for detection of maxillary molar furcation
Paula R. D. Oliveira, Thiago O. Sousa, José Valladares-neto, João Antônio C. Souza, Maria A. G. Silva, Virgílio M Roriz

Prevalence of oral mucosal lesions in an adult population from eight communities in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
James R. Collins, Michael Brache, Gabriel Ogando, Kenia Veras, Helen Rivera

Paget’s disease of the jaws: Histopathological features of a series of 31 cases
Nathalie Amaya, María E. Itoiz, María L. Paparella

Trigeminal nerve injuries. Four years’ experience at a single Argentine referral center and a literature review
Matias Garcia-Blanco, Ariel F. Gualtieri, Ana C. Lovaglio-Rivas, Juan M. Ruffini, Sebastian A. Puia

Histomorphometric evaluation of human extraction sockets treated with autologous fibrin, sticky bone or biphasic calcium phosphate
José S. Ponte, Jesús A. Pérez-Guerrero, Francisco A. A. Aragão, Yasmin A. T. Menezes, Marcelo M. Melo, Igor I. Castro-Silva

Shaping ability of reciprocating and rotary systems in oval-shaped root canals: a microcomputed tomography study
Thamires C. de Medeiros, Carolina O. de Lima, Ana Flávia A. Barbosa, Carla M. Augusto, Adília Maria V. Bruno, Ricardo T. Lopes, Pablo A. Amoroso-Silva, Marília F.V.

Comparison between indexes for diagnosis and guidance for treatment of dental caries
Noemi E. Bordoni, Pablo A. Salgado, Aldo F. Squassi

Vol. 34. Issue 2. September 2021

Hexavalent chromium exposure alters bone remodeling in the developing tooth alveolus and delays tooth eruption
Luciana M. Sánchez, Ángela M. Ubios

Cytotoxic and anti-inflammatory effects of chitosan and hemostatic gelatin in oral cell culture
Jessica J. Narvaez-Flores, Gabriela Vilar-Pineda, Laura S. Acosta-Torres, Rene Garcia-Contreras

Prevalence and Distribution of Molar Incisor Hypomineralization in children receiving dental care in Caracas Metropolitan Area, Venezuela
Mónica Rodríguez-Rodríguez, William Carrasco-Colmenares, Aghareed Ghanim, Alfredo Natera, María Gabriela Acosta- Camargo

Central incisors shape and proportions prevalence in Argentinian university students: by visual assessment and a new standardized method
María M. Trigo-Humaran, Alan B. Agüero-Romero, Marcela Lespade, Juan M. García-Cuerva, María E. Iglesias

Impact of soft tissue graft on the preservation of compromised sockets: a randomized controlled clinical pilot study
Bruno Segnini, Fausto F. F. Borges-Filho, Lélis G.Nicoli, Marcelo Gonçalves, Cláudio Marcantonio, Guilherme J.P.L. Oliveira, Elcio Jr. Marcantonio

Anacardium excelsum phytochemical analysis and in vitro antimicrobial activity against oral cavity microorganisms
Andrés M. Rojas, Clara J. Durango, Solanlly E. García, Diego Castañeda-Peláez, Dabeiba A. García, Fredy Gamboa

Clinical evaluation of root coverage using coronally positioned flap associated with acellular dermal matrix allograft in single-type recession defects. A retrospective study
Guillermo Schinini, Alessia Molinari, Hugo Romanelli

Transmittance of lithium disilicate ceramic of different thicknesses and opacities with different curing units
Martín García-Cuerva, Agustina Boaventura-Dubovik, María E. Iglesias

Prevalence of three-rooted primary mandibular first and second molars: clinical and radiographic findings in a Mexican population
María A. Moyaho-Bernal, Rosendo Carrasco-Gutiérrez, Rosario Jiménez-Flores, Gladis Juárez-Luna, Gerardo R. López-Del Pino, Luz V. Mendoza-García, Bernardo Teutle-Coyotecatl

Dental fluorosis severity in children 8-12 years old and associated factors
Alexandra Saldarriaga, Diego Rojas-Gualdrón, Manuel Restrepo, Lourdes Santos-Pinto, Fabiano Jeremias

Efficacy of different instruments for the mechanical removal of the smear layer in immediate post preparations: a comparative study
Marcela L. Roitman, Laura B. Pinasco, Romina Loiacono, Valeria C. Panetta, Carolina A. Anaise, Pablo A. Rodríguez

Low- and high-viscosity bulk-fill resin composites: a comparison of microhardness, microtensile bond strength, and fracture strength in restored molars
Fabiana M. G. França, Jonathan G. B. Tenuti, Isabela P. Broglio, Lara E. J. Paiva, Roberta T. Basting, Cecília P. Turssi, Flávia L. B. do Amaral, André F. Reis, Waldemir F. Vieira-Junior

Pit and fissure depth in the enamel of mandibular third molars: An open gate for microleakage?
Osvaldo Zmener, Cornelis H. Pameijer, Ana C. Boetto, Mariana Picca

Maxillary incisor internal root anatomy evaluated by cone-beam computed tomography in a population of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina
Eugenia P. Consoli Lizzi, Romina Chaintiou Piorno, Claudia M. Aranda, Ariel F. Gualtieri, Pablo A. Rodríguez

Anxiety about dental treatment – a gender issue
Manoela T.S. Dadalti, Antônio J.L. Cunha, Thaís G.D. Souza, Brunna A. Silva, Ronir R. Luiz, Patrícia A. Risso

Vol. 34. Issue 1. April 2021

Epithelial rests of Malassez in experimental animals at different ages
Gisela E. Pulitano – Manisagian, Patricia M. Mandalunis

Assessment of permeability of eroded dentin after the use of universal, self-etch, and conventional systems
Fábia R. V. O. Roma, Karla J. S. Penha, Carlos R. G. Torres, Etevaldo M. Maia-Filho, Leily M. Firoozmand

Resistance to fracture due to cyclic fatigue of stainless steel manual files and its association to surface roughness
Javier L. Niño-Barrera , José A. Sánchez-Alemán, Luis Gamboa-Martinez, Carlos Cortes-Rodriguez

Structural resistance of orthodontic mini-screws inserted for extraalveolar anchorage
Carlos A. M. Vieira, Francyelle Pires, Wallisen. T. Hattori, Cleudmar A. de Araújo, Marcelo A. Garcia-Junior, Darceny Zanetta-Barbosa

Centric relation registration with intraoral central bearing on curved vs. flat plates with rim trays in edentulous patients
Jorge E Aredes, Norberto A Fassina†, Ricardo L Macchi

Vertical Dimension of Occlusion: A comparative study between Anthropometric and Knebelman’s craniometric methods
Francisco Avila-Vásquez, Paúl Vergara-Sarmiento, Cristina Crespo-Crespo

Micro-computed tomographic evaluation of root canal morphology in mandibular first premolars from a Colombian population
Jaime O. Moreno, Martha L. Duarte, Marilia F. Marceliano-Alves, Flávio R.F. Alves, José F. Siqueira Jr., José C. Provenzano

Effect of treatment time on performance of nano-encapsulatedfluoride de ntifrices for remineralization of initial carious lesions: an in vitro study
Andressa F.B. Oliveira, Elizabeth B.G. Sousa, Nayanna L.S. Fernandes, Ingrid A. Meira, Juliane R. Lavôr , Ana M.B.P. Chaves , Fábio C. Sampaio

Endodontic treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic – perception and behaviour of dental professionals
Fabio de A. Gomes, Eduarda C. Malhão, Cláudio Maniglia-Ferreira, Danilo L. F. Lima, Maísa Casarin, Fernanda G. Pappen

Cross-cultural adaptation of a quality of life questionnaire for individuals with oral potentially malignant disorders in the Brazilian context
Igor F. B. de Almeida, Kátia S. Freitas, Deybson B. de Almeida, Aminne O. da S. Bastos, Mariane T. D. Farias, Márcio C. Oliveira

Impact of oral conditions on the quality of life of adolescents in a rural area of Brazil
Tatiany V. Roque, Isabela Q. Magnani, Saul M. Paiva, Lucas G. Abreu

Vol. 33. Issue 3. December 2020

Methodological considerations for a model of endodontic treatment in Wistar rats
Sharon R. Oyhanart, Mariela C. Canzobre

Brazilian dentists’ perceptions of using bone grafts: an inland survey
Lana K. Araújo, Gustavo S. Antunes, Marcelo M. Melo, Igor I. Castro-Silva

Efficacy of two soft-bristle toothbrushes in plaque removal. A randomized controlled trial
Gerson P. J. Langa, Francisco W. M. Gomes Muniz, Harry J. Rivera Oballe, Juliano Cavagni, Stephanie Anagnostopoulos Friedrich, Zilson Malheiros, Bernal Stewart, Cassiano Kuchenbecker Rösing

Association between demarcated enamel hypomineralization on second primary molars and dental caries in childhood
Cristiane M. Costa-Silva, Glaucia M.B. Ambrosano, Fábio L. Mialhe

Comprehensive clinics. A comparative study among Dental Schools in Argentina
Noemí Bordoni, Angela Argentieri, Aldo Squassi

Self-reported habits regarding dental bur use and conditioning among academic and non-academic argentinian dentists
Hernan J. Tartacovsky, Veronica A. Ciparelli, Lucia J. Horvath, Martin Garcia-Cuerva, Sebastian Tortoni, Maria E. Iglesias

Cognitive impairment related to arterial stiffness in cardiovascular disease patients with severe periodontitis
María del C. Rubio, Jesica J. Rudzinski, Cecilia Ramos, Fima Lifshitz, Silvia M. Friedman, Liliana N. Nicolosi

Prevalence and severity of early childhood caries in malnourished children in Mendoza, Argentina
Claudia N. Fernández, María I. Borjas, Salvador D. Cambría-Ronda, Walther Zavala

A comparative analysis between atraumatic and conventional anesthetic techniques in surgical removal of upper third molars
Luís P. L. Donato, Marcela M. Maciel, Luiza M. Maciel, Lívia M. Lopes, Alessandra de A. T. Carvalho, Hugo F. L. de Oliveira, Hélder L. Rebelo

Dimensional stability of alginate molds scanned at different storage times
Gabriel D. Daneu, Juliana de B. Vasconcelos, Paula V.P. Oltramari, Marcio R. de Almeida, Ricardo D. Guiraldo, Thais M. F. Fernandes