Vol. 34. Issue 1. April 2021

Epithelial rests of Malassez in experimental animals at different ages
Gisela E. Pulitano – Manisagian, Patricia M. Mandalunis

Assessment of permeability of eroded dentin after the use of universal, self-etch, and conventional systems
Fábia R. V. O. Roma, Karla J. S. Penha, Carlos R. G. Torres, Etevaldo M. Maia-Filho, Leily M. Firoozmand

Resistance to fracture due to cyclic fatigue of stainless steel manual files and its association to surface roughness
Javier L. Niño-Barrera , José A. Sánchez-Alemán, Luis Gamboa-Martinez, Carlos Cortes-Rodriguez

Structural resistance of orthodontic mini-screws inserted for extraalveolar anchorage
Carlos A. M. Vieira, Francyelle Pires, Wallisen. T. Hattori, Cleudmar A. de Araújo, Marcelo A. Garcia-Junior, Darceny Zanetta-Barbosa

Centric relation registration with intraoral central bearing on curved vs. flat plates with rim trays in edentulous patients
Jorge E Aredes, Norberto A Fassina†, Ricardo L Macchi

Vertical Dimension of Occlusion: A comparative study between Anthropometric and Knebelman’s craniometric methods
Francisco Avila-Vásquez, Paúl Vergara-Sarmiento, Cristina Crespo-Crespo

Micro-computed tomographic evaluation of root canal morphology in mandibular first premolars from a Colombian population
Jaime O. Moreno, Martha L. Duarte, Marilia F. Marceliano-Alves, Flávio R.F. Alves, José F. Siqueira Jr., José C. Provenzano

Effect of treatment time on performance of nano-encapsulatedfluoride de ntifrices for remineralization of initial carious lesions: an in vitro study
Andressa F.B. Oliveira, Elizabeth B.G. Sousa, Nayanna L.S. Fernandes, Ingrid A. Meira, Juliane R. Lavôr , Ana M.B.P. Chaves , Fábio C. Sampaio

Endodontic treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic – perception and behaviour of dental professionals
Fabio de A. Gomes, Eduarda C. Malhão, Cláudio Maniglia-Ferreira, Danilo L. F. Lima, Maísa Casarin, Fernanda G. Pappen

Cross-cultural adaptation of a quality of life questionnaire for individuals with oral potentially malignant disorders in the Brazilian context
Igor F. B. de Almeida, Kátia S. Freitas, Deybson B. de Almeida, Aminne O. da S. Bastos, Mariane T. D. Farias, Márcio C. Oliveira

Impact of oral conditions on the quality of life of adolescents in a rural area of Brazil
Tatiany V. Roque, Isabela Q. Magnani, Saul M. Paiva, Lucas G. Abreu